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Do You Have The Best Mountain Bike Picture?

Do You Have The Best Mountain Bike Picture?

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Mountain with Mountain bikes….  starstarstarstarstar
We are a group of mountain bikers here in angeles city pampanga where in we went to this place and found a nice trail and nice place where we took pictures …

Monte Granzoline  starstarstarstarstar
Way 408 Italy Region Lago di Garda

I hate rain!!  starstarstarstarstar
This race still rocked because of the awsome course! :) Thanks Blue mtn!!

BATIAWAN  starstarstarstarstar
This is the famous Batiawan here in Pamapanga, Philippines. This is a memorable picture.You just can’t quit mesmerizing of the beatiful view of the mountains …

Virgin Breast Peaks, Philippines  starstarstarstarstar
I am from Floridablanca, Pampanga, Philippines. We have very nice and challenging trails here. But this trail leading to what we call the Virgin Breast …

Can you guess what bike this is?   starstarstarstarstar
I was in mexico, and I saw a poor family. They asked if I wanted a bike (which i did). I gave them $80.00 for it, yet still cannot find out where to get …

“We Can Do It” Mental Health Awareness Ride for PSNE, St. Thomas, ON and other CSI  starstarstarstarstar
A Challenge started this Volunteer Ride for Mental Health on making it all the way to Niagara Falls from St. Thomas, ON. I loved it and started the “We …

Age low… Airtime huge  starstarstarstarstar

My friend and i are 14… we love riding..

Boyfriend v.s. Girlfriend  starstarstar
The name of my bike is chaba8 why? Its because me and my girlfriend decide that we use our nicknames to name my bike, we both use our nicknames, its because …

Epic 4x wreck  Not rated yet
First time racing it, got a little ambitous. Worth it for the pic though!!

master alex philpott  Not rated yet
Hey my name is Alex Philpott im 14 years old and have taken a wicked snap at chicksands bike park at dirt wars 2011 it was a great competition my dream …

My completed bike  Not rated yet
Heres my bike I built from scratch, bought the frame and all parts and set upon building a mean all mountain machine.

Giant XTC2
Sram X0 gripshift

My first ride over 20 miles!!  Not rated yet
This was my first ride over 20 miles in one shot!!! I loved it (my legs weren’t so happy though!!) I just built my first bike from scratch this winter …

putting my bike on a “pedal”stal  Not rated yet
Taking a break from the beautiful flowing trails at Issaqueena Lake in Clemson South Carolina.

Majura Pines, Canberra Australia – September 2010 Downhill   Not rated yet
A photograph from a local Downhill event earlier this year.

Warp Speed Ahead  Not rated yet
Mountain biking is my husbands second nature. He is steath, agile and committed to the ride, when on his bike. I am not so much on a bike, but I appreciate …

Pink Bikes ??  Not rated yet
Mountain Bikes how fun !
Real Men have pink bikes… haha
okay how bout purple ?

Year round fun, just keep on the trail!  Not rated yet
Here’s a shot from the bars on one of the many trails at Hilton Falls, Ontario Canada. This has become a popular MTB destination during the winter months….

Downhill on Helly hansen, Glentress, Scotland  Not rated yet
Just thought i was looking rather cool and collected on the hardest section of downhill on the Glentress downhill.

Mountains On Sundays, The Courtroom on Mondays  Not rated yet
Sending one more picture of the river-crossing certification. We all must pass this river without getting our feet wet through slippery rocks. It is always …

At Pfunderer joch   Not rated yet
Summer in the Alps

Monte Moro hours later  Not rated yet

Monte Moro  Not rated yet

Gretna Bikes Rock!  Not rated yet
On the rocks a french creek was a ton of fun.

A Gravity East race that was dry this season!! =)  Not rated yet
This race rocked because of the 6 or 7 gavity east races I did this season this one was not in the rain! :)

Some fun riding at diablo NJ  Not rated yet
Just a ton of fun to be had stylin’ drops.

The pizza shop jump in Mt. Gretna  Not rated yet
Not much I can say about this photo. I just got luckie an it turned out rather well because of the sun’s location.

dirt jumping in mt, gretna PA  Not rated yet
This was the last photo taken before the new lip was wrecked, it only survived a week. But it was so great while it lasted that the photo has sentimential …

More from Pampanga, Philippines  Not rated yet
Here is one friend of ours who will most likely take a fall on most rides. This is such narrow trail that we took on a rainy day. Water was cascading down …

Just can’t get enough  Not rated yet
I’m sure we all have this same kind of experiences. If you are not willing to take on the muddy trails and pathless woods, you are missing half of the …

Grand Ride to Batiawan  Not rated yet
Batiawan is one of the famous trail among mountain bikers here in Pampanga. It will take you to the forest zone on the Floridablanca-Subic border. It has …

The Virgin Breasts Peaks, Philippines  Not rated yet
We never got to the top of it, but we had the greatest feeling that day. Some elitist mountain bikers from our place were smirking if these trails really …

The Virgin Breasts Peaks, Philippines  Not rated yet
This is the end of the trail. One of these friends of mine insisted we weave through the bushes, but I told them that we might end up being bitten by deadly …

More from Pampanga, Philippines  Not rated yet
This is also from the Virgin Breast Peaks attempt ride. We got lost in this picture and we saw one Aeta native tending to his banana plantations. He told …

Cannondale  Not rated yet
Best bike

mule along the hill  Not rated yet
It was the biggest day of my life. I had been riding mtb for the past few years in a remote place where people hardly have any idea on mtb and was always …

ma mean evil fast machine 😛  Not rated yet
This iz ma ride which ive built from scratch using different parts of bikes, its fast, comfy, sensible as its never let me down and you get EVERY1’s attention …