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2Stage AM8 – Mountain Bike Reviews

The 2Stage AM8 is made by a relatively new bunch run out of New Zealand. And their AM8 is an all-mountain bike aimed at doing everything!

The AM8 draws on many of the same design principles as its brother bikes the Elite9 and the Zed8. This includes the patented 2Stage Bosslink.

The 2Stage Bosslink

The 2Stage Bosslink consists of 2 rear shocks. The first shock deals with small bumps in the trail while the 2nd shock works mainly with the bigger hits you get from G-outs and landings. The outcome of this is very tuneable small bump response and a rebound setting that compliments it (to keep your wheel in contact with the ground), plus a tuneable big-hit response and rebound system that complements it all translating into a seamless bump-eating machine.

The Ride

For an all-mountain bike that runs a 2Stage rear shock, it is surprising that there is next to no bob when pedalling. Be it winding up a sprint or grinding up a fireroad climb the back-end stays supple and gives unbelievable traction.

The bike is a little porky though, weighing around 15kg, and this will limit the amount of climbing you can comfortably do.

The long front does help with climbing though as the bike doesn’t feel cramped even with the stock 60mm stem. The slack 67° head angle inspires confidence at high-speed and through the corners while the short 60mm stem quickens up the steering to make this bike relatively quick to change direction.


The AM8 would suit a rider looking for refined handling and first-rate suspension performance. It will also suit someone who doesn’t mind going a little slower on the climbs in favour of maximum performance everywhere else.

The bike is not really suited to all-day riding as the all-mountain category suggests and is more suited to the freeride end of the all-mountain market.

If you regularly ride in super-techy, rocky terrain the 2Stage AM8 should definitely be on your shopping list

Coming in at about $6000 it is a bit pricey and not for the everyday rider


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