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Women Mountain Bikes – How to Find a Women’s Mountain Bike

woman mtbr
woman mtbr

Women Mountain Bikes

How do you find women mountain bikes? A common question, but before we answer it lets look a bit closer at women’s mountain bikes.

In the old days women mountain bikes were made with a low dropped top tube so they could be jumped on and ridden with a dress or skirt. Women’s mountain bike design has come along way though (not to mention fashion – how many women ride bikes in a dress these days?)

Bike manufacturers have realised that on average, a women’s body tends to be smaller, lighter weight, have a shorter torso and shorter arms than the average man that most bikes are designed for. Women tend to have more of their height in their legs than men.

Do You Need A Women’s Mountain Bike?

Today women’s mountain bikes are designed for the average women’s relative proportions. The bikes are a little bit taller and have a slightly shorter top tube (but generally not a different position – especially in more performance oriented models).

So do you fit the average comparison between men and women’s body size? If so then you will almost certainly get a better fit with a mountain bike designed for women. If not then there is no reason why you shouldn’t get a non-women specific mountain bike.

For the majority of women it usually just comes down to size, and if you follow this fitting guide, you can almost guarantee a comfortable bike that fits you perfectly.

What about Women Mountain bike seats?

Whether you buy a women specific mountain bike or not you almost definitely will want to get a women specific bike seat. But don’t just get any bike seat that claims to be made for women. Make sure you get one that fits you properly.

Before we get started on this remember that whether you are male or female, your body needs time to get used to riding a mountain bike. If it has been awhile since you last rode a bike it will take a ride or 2 every week for upto a month before you build up some resistance in your butt.

The first thing to look for in a women mountain bike seats is a cut-out down the centre of the seat to avoid any pressure in sensitive areas whilst riding. These days just about every mountain bike seat (male and female) will have this cut-out.

The second thing to look for – and the more important issue – is to get a seat that fits you properly. Another generalisation about women’s bodies is that they tend to have wider hips. Due to this you need to ensure you get a seat that fits you correctly. Again, if you are a women with relatively narrow hips, you may be better off without a women’s mountain bike seat.

This guide will show you how to find a seat that fits you properly.

Get a correctly fitting bike and bike seat is an important issue for both men and women, whether you are looking at women mountain bikes or not. It can make the difference between a ride that is enjoyable or literally a pain in the ass.

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